Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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Custom Made to Order Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Are you looking to take your interior to the next level? Or simply trying to enhance your driving experience? Look no further! Swap your stock steering wheel for a custom carbon fiber unit with an optional LCD screen and LED Shift Lights!
Each steering wheel begins its life as a brand new core, which is then completely re-imagined and modified to your taste and specifications, comprising over 20 hours of labor to handcraft each steering wheel. With reshaped sides and a flat bottom for a sportier feel, bright shift lights so you don’t miss a shift, an LCD screen that provides valuable information, all finished with custom upholstery of your choice, this is the ultimate steering wheel option for your Jeep!


  • Matte/Glossy Carbon Fiber and Perforated Leather/Alcantara Construction
  • LED shift indicator (customizable colors and shift points)
  • LCD Screen showing RPM, speed, battery voltage, engine capacity, water temperature, lap timer, Oil status, etc.
  • Racing Stripe at 12 o'clock Position
  • Custom Stitching
  • Defined 10 and 2 Notches for improved grip
  • Flat Bottom Race-Inspired Design which also increases leg room
  • Reuses ALL Original Hardware and Wiring from Existing Steering Wheel
  • Will also fit Right Hand Drive (RHD) Models

LED & LCD Screen Module connect using wireless OBD2 module, some wiring required.


Available Steering Wheel Designs:

  • Carbon Fiber + Leather/Alcantara
  • Full Carbon Fiber
  • Full Leather
  • Full Alcantara

Carbon Fiber Color (Gloss/Matte Carbon)

  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • Red Carbon Fiber
  • Blue Carbon Fiber
  • Green Carbon Fiber
  • Orange Carbon Fiber
  • Gold Carbon Fiber
  • White Carbon Fiber
  • Red & Black Infused Carbon Fiber
  • Blue & Black Infused Carbon Fiber
  • Yellow & Black Infused Carbon Fiber
  • Silver & White Infused Carbon Fiber
  • Green & Silver Infused Carbon Fiber
  • Honeycomb Carbon Fiber
  • Forged Carbon Fiber


  • Black Leather
  • Red Leather
  • Blue Leather
  • Grey Leather
  • Beige Leather
  • Brown Leather
  • Black Perforated Leather
  • Red Perforated Leather
  • Grey/Black Alcantara 
  • Red Alcantara
  • Blue Alcantara


  • Black Stitching
  • Red Stitching
  • Yellow Stitching
  • Blue Stitching
  • Green Stitching
  • Orange Stitching
  • Bicolor Stitching (Specify Colors)
  • Tricolor Stitching (Specify Colors)

12 O'Clock Stripe

  • No Stripe
  • Red Stripe
  • Blue Stripe
  • Yellow Stripe 
  • Black Stripe
  • Green Stripe
  • Orange Stripe
  • Bicolor Stripe (Specify Colors)
  • Tricolor Stripe (Specify Colors)

When placing an order, please ensure that you provide us with the following information:
- Year/Make/Model of your car
- LHD or RHD
- Gloss or Matte Carbon Fiber
- Color of stitching 

- Color of 12 O'Clock Stripe
- Any additional requests  

Also Available:
Carbon fiber paddles (Regular Size) - $100 
Carbon fiber paddles (Extended) - $150
Carbon fiber trim/button surround - $100
Carbon fiber 9/3 grips - $75
Custom logo - $75
Flat top - $100

Some pictures show unique configurations such as re-trimmed airbag covers, custom carbon fiber inserts, etc. Please send us an email to if you'd like your own custom steering wheel.

Price includes a new Steering Wheel Core (You get to keep your OEM steering wheel!). However, please Note that this steering wheel does NOT include steering wheel controls, hardware or an airbag, as they are a direct swap from the stock steering wheel.

Please ensure that your steering wheel is similar to the wheels pictures. If unsure, please email us to confirm fitment. 

Buyer is responsible for any Customs Duty or Tariffs that the package may be subjected to in the destination country.